Making Zombies, Run! 2 - 'Text Me Up'03:01

Making Zombies, Run! 2 - 'Text Me Up'

Behind The Scenes of "Top 40"

Making Zombies, Run! 2 - Collaborative Song Writing 10104:11

Making Zombies, Run! 2 - Collaborative Song Writing 101

Making Zombies, Run! 2 - Collaborative Song Writing 101

A pop princess is mobbed by adoring undead fans. You might just be the hero she's holding out for.



Beethoven's 87thEdit

Sam is excited by the day's mission - you are heading to a CD shop. Janine is unimpressed by Sam's enthusiasm, but he's insistant that a little fun is just what Abel needs.

A Familiar FaceEdit

Sam directs you towards MegaTunes Music Emporium and reads out a list of requests from Abel. Janine spots a reading inside - Sam points out that it's not moving like a zombie. Suddenly a hysterical woman throws a CD case at you; Sam recognises the voice as she babbles about covering the crack on the CD case with a price sticker and Runner 4 admits that her face is familiar. The stranger tags along as you head to the third floor.


Sam is sure he recognises your new companion from a reality TV show, but it's his request for a Eurovision compilation that finally jogs his memory as Keisha voices her distain for his music taste. Sam and Jody start singing her hit single, but Keisha silences them, fearful that her zombified fans will swarm towards the sound - a fear that soon appears totally justified.

Loyal FansEdit

Sam tells you to head back the way you came. As you do so, Keisha asks Sam to to describe the zombies; he informs her that they are all teenage girls. Runner 4 can now see them as they gain on you, and it surprised to see that they are all wearing the same t-shirt. Keisha explains that they're after her - she was supposed to play a concert for her most loyal fans who were camping outside the venue the night of the outbreak. They can now find Keisha wherever she goes because whenever she meets anyone on the road they sing her song.

No More Glitter CostumesEdit

Only a few zoms are left on your trail as Janine notes that Keisha is much more gifted with a gun than she ever was at writing lyrics. Keisha dwells on the past, lamenting the fact that the outbreak prevented her from relaunching her career as a serious singer/songwriter. The zombies find another way up the street as Sam voices his disappointment that Keisha has given up dancing.

Text Me UpEdit

As the zombies catch up with you, Keisha suggests splitting up, since it's her they're after. As you're running out of options, she proposes reluctantly that the runners sing her hit song, Text Me Up, in order to confuse her undead fans. Runner 4 starts a rendition, but only knows the chorus - shockingly Janine chimes in to back her up, and Sam soon follows suit. You head back towards Abel.


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