You're caught in the middle as a journalist in pursuit of a hot story meets a horde of zombies in pursuit of fresh brains.

Unlocks: Electrics Repair



Bad ImpressionEdit

You meet Ian, a reporter who will be shadowing you in order to get some material for his piece about a day in the life of a runner. Janine arrives, informing Sam that the Major has asked her to sit in on this mission to make sure that Ian gets the right impression of Abel.

Operators Are Really ImportantEdit

Sam checks on Ian, who sounds a little winded. Ian starts recording dramatised observations of the experience on a dictaphone. Sam is initially unimpressed, but drops his incredulous tone once he believes that Ian is interested in interviewing him.


Ian is dramatically narrating your every move, which Sam finds rather off-putting since you're running for your life. Janine spots an alleyway that would provide a good getaway, just as a second swarm cut off your exit.

Bar The DoorsEdit

You've lost all but a few of the zombies. Unfortunately you have also been lead down a dead end. Even while staring death in the face, Ian is dedicated to his art, much to the exasperation of Janine and Sam. Sam suggests you check the doors lining the alley - in the nick of time you find a set of metal double doors that have been left open.

Grab All You CanEdit

It's dark inside the building in which you're seeking refuge. Sam's scanners are clear, so you head further in and discover that it's actually an electronics store, which suits your needs better than your intended destination. Janine instructs you and Ian to gather as much as you can, but you need to hurry - Sam fears that the remaining zombies could block your escape route

Time Will TellEdit

Sam informs you that your route out of the city is clear. Ian is bursting with excitement following his death defying encounter with the zombies and it keen to expand his story into a series. He turns down Janine's offer of a runner's position since he believes that there is enough value in his journalism following success stories such as yours bringing hope to survivors. He ends with a characteristically dramatic monologue.


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