You've got to know when you're beaten. And when it's time to do exactly as you're told.



Going For A DriveEdit

You are tied to the back of Van Ark's jeep. He mocks your attempt at making an escape and snaps your headset, severing your contact with Sam. The engine revs and jeep pulls away; it's time to run

Perpetual Cell RegenerationEdit

Van Ark is impressed by your stoicism. He reminisces about the days before the apocalypse, but highlights the positives, believing that every war in human history had done someone some good. He shows you the scar from where you slashed his neck and confirms that his regeneration is the result of his research with Paula. For now your little chat is over; he revs the engine and you've got no choice but to speed up.

Iron Out The KinksEdit

The professor is impressed by your agility but explains that your life still depends on Maxine and Paula. He muses about the nature of his work, believing that if everyone is fated to die then it does not matter how or when, making next logical step to eliminate death itself. Paula could not see his research from this perspective, so he infected her with the zombie virus to trap her into working for him. He reveals that you are his next test subject and could end up as a super human or a shambling vegetable.

The Odd CoupleEdit

Van Ark slows down since you're looking a little worse for wear, exasperated at your allies' apparent lack of interest in saving you. He claims that he contemplated suicide after the zombie outbreak, which he reveals was an unintended consequence of his lifesaving tissue-regeneration treatment and another, currently unknown agent. Suddenly you hear Paula shout from a little way off - Van Ark is delighted as she joins him in the jeep.

There's Not Much TimeEdit

Van Ark asks Paula to take you to the labs as he throws her the keys. Apparently you are to be put in a cage with the others; Paula outwardly obeys, but whispers in your ear that she's going to try to get you away before he comes back.

Those Samples Will DegradeEdit

Since Maxine told Paula about her spray's toxicity to children, Paula offers you some vials and notes to take back to her to help improve it. She'll tell Van Ark that you overpowered her, knowing that he can't kill her because he needs her too much and that the most important thing right now is for you to escape. You’ll need to be quick - the samples will degrade if they’re not refrigerated within an hour.

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