Improvisation is the order of the day, especially when Tom DeLuca offers to help you escape

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Causing A Distraction Edit

Ian knows you’re alive now, and is threatening to torture people unless you give yourself up. Everyone hastily prepares for the plan to evacuate Paula. You receive some unexpected help from Tom DeLuca

Come With Me Edit

Tom’s distractions work a treat giving you and Paula time to escape. Before you return to safety though, he has something troubling to show you in the woods.

Ian's Regrouping Edit

On the way to the woods Tom talks through the new plan with Janine. He says what you’ll see might help.

To The Gates Edit

Dr Lobatse's working out in the woods, looking after quarantined patients. Tom reveals that the Minister wants to restart Van Ark’s research. Dr Lobatse decides to stay behind to look after her patients.

To The Perimeter Fence Edit

Time to make a break for safety but some of the freed residents won’t leave. Ian’s almost on you, but Steve provides your escape route with some well timed smoke bombs so you’ve got to go.

Keep On Running East Edit

Safe for a moment, Janine and Jody aren’t sure what to do with Tom. Steve wants to come with you but Janine denies his request. He must maintain his cover.

Radio Silent Now Edit

You head for Sam’s waiting getaway car. Owen’s still active transmitter allows you to hear Ian punishing Steve for his ‘incompetence’. Janine turns this into a positive, and is more determined than ever to take Abel back.

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