This gated community has its ups and Downes

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Rich-Poor Divide Edit

The ZRD needs a new battery, and your best chance is to infiltrate a Comansys compound and locate the residing expert in micro-power systems.

Grappling Hooks Away Edit

As you wait for a gap in the patrol, Maxine and Sam pass judgement on the compound, which contains farmers, gardeners, cooks and maids.

Eggplant! Edit

Maxine scoffs as the wealth in the compound as Sam tries to get her to concentrate on the mission in hand.

Tripwire Edit

As you gain some ground, you hear a twang and trigger an alarm - time to run!

Look Familiar? Edit

You burst into the house, pursued by guards, and Maxine muffles Professor Downes’ protestations as you close the shutters.

Everything OK? Edit

After Maxine explains the scope of Moonchild’s threat to humanity, Downes cooperates and distracts the guards outside.

This'll Be Fun Edit

With the guards pacified, Downes takes a look at the ZRD. It’s more serious than initially suspected, but not unfixable.

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