As awkward runs go this one's definitely up there. Both Amelia and Jody are with you to close a deal for special medical equipment

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Don't Turn Your Back Edit

Jody's unhappy Amelia's made a deal wth the Exmoor Militia for 'medical equipment' (a cage) for Paula, but Janine convinces her it's necessary. Doesn't mean Jody will trust Amelia to watch her back though.

There's A New Plan Now Edit

The rumble of armoured truck engines lets you - and the nearby zombies - know the Militia are near. The Militia won't make the exchange easy and you're forced to follow the noisy trucks.

Grab That Thing And Run Edit

Amelia has made 'friends' with the Militia leader the same way she always does, and the situation is tense. They've brought the cage, which you'll need to carry by hand, pursued by zombies.

Catching Up Edit

You're making slow progress without Amelia's help. Janine directs you to an unfinished shopping centre to lose them. Jody will catch up to Amelia before then, so help her!

Better Odds With The Zoms Edit

Jody has reached the end of her tether with Amelia, and they fight over who should carry the box. After some wrangling, Amelia scouts ahead to deal with the zoms in the construction site while you and Jody carry the box.

Put Some Speed Into It Edit

Janine has a plan for your group to trap the zombies in the construction site, but your path is blocked. The big box doubles as an improvised weapon and the three of you decapitate the group in front.

Needed Urgently Edit

You, Jody and Amelia all make it over the fence, trapping the zoms inside the construction site. Now you're safe Jody and Amelia seem to have developed a gruding respect. The love-in is cut short by Janine announcing Maxine is in labour!

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