A new arrival from London comes bearing new technology that could change everything.

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Plot Edit

Ain’t No Problem Edit

Tony emerges dehydrated but fundamentally unscathed. Paula snaps at Dr Lobatse, who is just trying to be helpful, but this is cut off as Sam informs you that Amelia Spens, Abel’s new commander, has arrived by helicopter and is experiencing some difficulty. Zoms have surrounded the door of the Comansys base, but Tony’s got a trick up his sleeve in the shape of a mysterious, zombie-repelling box.

Canton Was Brave Edit

Sam and Paula are astounded to see the zoms fleeing as Tony operates the device. It looks like it will come in handy in rescuing Amelia from her chopper, so you head her way. As you run, Tony explains that the box came from Comansys in London and recounts his escapades with New Canton Five while they were fleeing from Diana, the business strategist for Comansys.

Just Like Die Hard Edit

Tony continues his tale about New Canton Five, who lured Diana into a car park by holding a decoy box before razing it to the ground with explosives and burying themselves with it. Her team are still digging up the rubble in London, attempting to find the box.

Any Way of Knowing Who Was Who? Edit

Tony recounts his sightings in London; hundreds of thousands of people marching at the same time - not zombified, but mind-controlled. He’d been living in the woods near Abel until the dam shut the water off, when he came out to investigate. He saw people being shipped out in jeeps and loading frozen bodies into lorries, but Diana arrived so he hid in a freezer.

Hold It Steady Edit

Paula realises Tony’s story matches the description of how Maxine and the other missing Abel residents behaved before their traumatic departure, and asks Tony whether he saw or heard anything of Doctor Myers. He says they didn’t mention anyone else, and that she was referred to as “high-security cargo”. As he is about to expand, the device malfunctions and the zoms start heading back your way.

Chopper Crash Is A Speciality Edit

Amelia radios in to check up on your progress and to give you an update on her situation. She’s stuck in a helicopter which has crashed into a tree and zoms are beginning to gather below her. Time is of the essence!

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