There's one final barrier to returning to Abel, but removing Ian from his seat of power won't be easy...

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

To The Testing Ground Edit

Ian's set up infection-traps everywhere, so you need to come up with a plan quickly. Paula will rescue Sam as part of a two-man team, and Peter will rescue everyone from the prison that's filing with sewage. Amelia injects you with the baby anti-zombie serum so you can go with Paula.

A Way In Edit

Sam's torture continues. Ian honestly believes that to make a difference in the post apocalypse world he must become the story, by any means necessary.

Got To Keep Moving Edit

Veronica needs your retinal scan so you can get through security. As she adds you to the system some guards arrive to take her away, so she and Nadia enact Protocol 23 to knock them unconscious.

On With The Torture Edit

You and Paula will have to navigate a maze in what used to be the training ground to get to Sam. Ian reveals the real motivation behind torturing Sam; he's envious of Sam's popularity.

Clear For Now Edit

Jody helps you and Paula dodge Ian's many and various traps, and zombies too, of course.

Come Back Up Edit

Ian has dug a sort of moat across the length of the training ground, and filled it with zombie parts. Your immunity is wearing off so wading across is not an option.

Run For That Building At The End Edit

Jody's plan to cross the moat involves creating a makeshift bridge, by knocking over some fake trees in the training ground. Unfortunately the sound attracts zoms. You head for Sam, while Paula leads the zombies away.

Disarm This Bomb Edit

Sam tries to get through to Ian by telling him that Sigrid's left without him. This buys you time to wrestle Ian away and untie Sam. You and Sam both lead Ian to the farmhouse to disarm his bomb.

Get After Him! Edit

Bomb disarmed it looks like everything's over. Rather than face up to what he's done, Ian escapes your grasp and runs back into the training grounds, vowing to set off his bomb manually.

Find Some Peace Edit

In an effort to prevent you and Sam from catching him, Ian tries to dismantle your bridge while he's still on it... and falls into the moat. Sam pulls Ian out, but the damage is already done - he's infected. Whatever Ian might have thought about Abel is proven wrong, as Sam offers him a merciful death.

We Will Meet Again Edit

As everything returns to normal Tom brings a message from Janine; as new head of Netrophil she's on an important mission and cannot return to Abel. Jody will take over and you're reinstated as head of runners. Janine believes in you all, and she will see you again.

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