You've been summoned to escort duty as Abel bids farewell to some old friends

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

You'd Better Hurry Edit

Paula is waiting for you by the gates as the radio folk finish packing up their van. Phil realises he’s forgotten his atlas, so you hurry back to his room to fetch it.

Clear A Path Edit

Eugene is relieved that the trip is still on what with all that’s happened, which causes Sam’s mood to darken. Eugene urges Sam to cut Jody some slack.

Like, Right Now Edit

Phil loses control of the vehicle and gets stuck in the mud. Panicking, he revs the engine, which achieves little more than attracting a lot of undead attention.

No Slacking Edit

With zoms distracted, and after establishing that one of the issues was that the van was stuck in reverse, the radio guys are back on track, albeit a little muddier.

Cross The Bridges Edit

Sam directs you and Paula towards an old railway with two footbridges to pull a McShell manoeuvre and evade the zoms.

Ninety-Nine Zoms Edit

The zoms plummet onto the tracks below. Eugene checks in to make sure you and Paula are OK and confirms that they are now safely on the highway.

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