Jamie joins Runner 5 on a mission to plant transponders in order to triangulate Archie's position and save her from Van Ark.



Get Her BackEdit

Sam and Janine explain that they have changed the radio frequencies, since they're sure that this was how Van Ark found you last time - unless there is a spy in Abel. Jamie is joining you for the mission, and Janine informs you that you're heading out with transponders that will be able to pick up Archie's signal. Jamie is initially put out that New Canton isn't overseeing this mission with their superior technology, but Janine explains that the two of you are less likely to attract attention and force Van Ark to act rashly than a large crowd.

It's HerEdit

Sam is blown sideways by Jamie's hostile reaction to his encouragement. Janine picks something up from the transponder that Jamie placed - you tune in to hear Archie being interrogated by Van Ark, who soon tires and informs her that he has sent for another scientist with whom to discuss her options. She is greeted by Paula.


Sam attempts to maintain a businesslike facade so as not to rile Jamie. You hear Paula attempting to justify her actions and explain how she thought she was doing good, trying to find either a cure or a vaccine, and that with Van Ark she was in the best position to save the human race since he knows the most of anyone. She does not however justify his actions. Archie does not condone Paula's behaviour, since Maxine is striving to do the same work without resorting to collaboration with Van Ark. Paula is stunned to hear Maxine's name.

Send For The DoctorEdit

Paula is desperate to hear more about Maxine - she plays the emotional card in an attempt to get Archie to understand her situation, since they have both been separated from someone they love. Sam informs you that fast zombies are closing in on you, but Janine does not think that they are a symptom of Van Ark being aware of your presence. You head West to place another transponder as Janine suggests Sam sends for Maxine. You hear the tail end of a conversation between Archie and Paula about working on a cure together in order to be kept alive.

Head In The CloudsEdit

Sam breaks the news that the zoms have brought down the first transponder. You must head back towards the fast zombies to place another, but the doctor has equipped you with mister sprays containing her serum which should get you out of any tight corners. Acutely aware of Archie's nature, Jamie suggests you hurry, since it's only a matter of time till she gets herself into even more trouble.

Forceful MethodsEdit

Jamie places the final transceiver just as Sam picks up another fast zom pack on the horizon. As Janine triangulates Archie's position you hear Archie's refusal to cooperate with Van Ark, no matter how much she misses Jamie and her lab. Unfortunately Van Ark does not take too kindly to this resolution.


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