Leaving your comfort zone can help you grow as a person. Unless you find yourself face-to-face with the zombie horde

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

After Her Edit

There are some shamblers nearby, which are child's play for you and Maxine, however the sheltered Professor Downes screams and flees.

Professor Braveheart Edit

Downes zooms ahead hysterically and you fight to keep up. Maxine tackles her to the ground, but the kerfuffle has attracted the attention of some fast zoms.

The Leander Club Edit

The zoms are closing in and the professor is flagging - you need to take refuge in the boat club on the river.

Can Zombies Swim? Edit

Maxine snaps as Downes breaks down, reprimanding her for shutting herself away selfishly while others were suffering outside the safe house perimeters.

Welcome To Seedcast Edit

You escape the zoms in a boat and row towards a sewer, which conceals the secret lab’s entrance.

A Little Trip On The River Edit

Downes creates a quick-fix for the ZRD, however she does not have the replacement part; it only has a few minutes of charge in it, so make them count.

Road To London Edit

Just as Downes is about to warn you about something to do with the device, Sam urges you to flee the scene and head for London.

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