This ghost from the past may seem scary, but they have valuable information to share

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Suit Yourself Edit

Runner 3 confesses he’s been trying to catch you alone for weeks; he claims he has valuable information about Van Ark, but why should you trust a traitor?

What It's Worth Edit

The Dedlocks descend upon you in a flurry of gunfire, but Simon comes to the rescue - he promises to keep you safe, but that’s not particularly reassuring.

Just Like Old Times Edit

Simon tells you that he did not see the point in defending himself against Jamie or the horde that mauled him afterwards, but ironically he couldn’t die.

A Moral In There Somewhere Edit

Simon explains that the results of Van Ark’s treatments are depended on each subject’s DNA, and muses that only time will tell how they will affect you.

A Fair Exchange Edit

He reminds you that the citizens of Abel wouldn’t hesitate to shoot you if you got bitten, before asking you whether you’d’ve done the same as him.

Wrong Choice Edit

He gives you two options: stick with him, or run back to Abel. You choose the latter, but turns out there was never a choice.

Favour Edit

Simon reveals he managed to find out the location of all of Van Ark’s bases, one of which contained a stack of research on Comansys, which he now gifts to you.

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