The Minister's tagging along with you, Own and Victoria for a spot of espionage in a Dedlock-filled old Ministry building

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Meeting The Minister Edit

Janine's very hot on protocol for this run. Because she enjoys protocol. Definitely not just because you'll be meeting The Minister today.

Breaking Into The Ministry Edit

The Minister promotes Janine to Colonel, teasing her about protocol. She's coming with you because you need her voice to help break into the Ministry.

In We Go Edit

Your destination turns out to be a grand Elizabethan house full of Dedlocks and a collection of occult objects held in the Black Vault. Among them is the missing half of the ancient metalwork you found in the salt-stone church. The Builder's provided an explosive distraction you use to enter through the voice activated door.

Alternatively, Run! Edit

It takes Sam a bit too long to hack into the security system. You're spotted by a group of Dedlocks who are blocking your way to the cellar.

Need Better Shelter Edit

After getting to the cellar, The Minister finds what you're looking for... and it contains a zombie eyeball! The Dedlock leader tracks you down, and after shooting out the lights, he now has the advantage of night vision goggles.

Get Away From That Thing Edit

The Dedlock leader catches you easily. As he prepares to shoot, Veronica throws the artefact at him. Unfortunately, the zombie eyeball turns him grey in record time, forcing you to flee.

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