Carrying a child straight through dangerous territory doesn't sound like a great idea - but what choice do you have?



Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MyEdit

You're clear of the zombie town, but Carena is still choking. Jamie suspects an asthma attack, but there's not enough left in her inhaler to calm her erratic breathing. Runner 3 shakily reassures him that the doctor will be able to fix her and Sam confirms that Maxine is already putting together a medical bag so she can run out and meet you. Jamie fears she will not make it in time, so Sam finds a short cut through a safari park.

Trespassing Be DamnedEdit

Runner 3 enjoys the natural habitat and Carena seems to be doing better as you run through the safari park. Initially it seems that the animals must not have survived the apocalypse, but an outraged park keeper interrupts your conversation over the loudspeaker to inform you that you have not only trespassed into lion territory, but they have now cut off your escape.

Shame To Waste The MeatEdit

The park keeper informs Runner 3 that most of the safari's animals are dead; she's fed them all to the lions, who she feels need to be kept alive for future generations. It turns out she also pragmatically feeds dead people to her "babies", so, as Sam soon realises, it looks like you're stuck in a safari park with a pride of hungry lions who've developed a taste for human flesh.


The distant roar of a lion indicates that they seem to have picked up your scent. The park keeper is adamant that her "babies" are only playing, but Jamie is skeptical, realising that these lions won't have seen any living people since the park keeper started feeding them human meat.

Ready To PounceEdit

The lions are closing the gap behind you, despite remaining at a stalking pace. The park keeper chimes in with the fun fact that they can reach up to fifty miles an hour when hunting. Jamie begs her for help for Carena's sake, which she initially refuses, but after Runner 3 attempts to shoot her "babies" she hastily offers a solution; there's an electric fence ahead that she can activate once you've squeezed through.

Over Here!Edit

You reach the gap with the lions on your heels and squeeze through. Not a moment too soon; you hear the yowls of electrocuted lion behind you as you flee the scene, but Carena's breathing has deteriorated. Jamie shouts to Maxine in a panic and hands Carena to you to take to the doctor as fast as you can.

Future Of The Human RaceEdit

Maxine reassures you that Carena is stable, but what she was suffering was an extreme allergic reaction, not an asthma attack. Sam and Jamie are stumped as to what could have caused such a reaction. The Major enters Sam's shack and asks him to secure the channel so she can offer Jamie some intel on what happened to Carena. She admits to having known that the zombie spray was never fully tested, and that the speed of a child's metabolism could accelerate any potential side effects. Jamie protests, but the Major's word is final.

Season 2 Missions
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