Sam guides Runner 5 and Archie's mission to locate the children that Lem was looking out for before his death.



The Fraternal AllianceEdit

Sam explains the mission; The Fraternal Alliance believe that the school children Lem had been helping have been located and he wants you bring back any survivors.

We've Got A Mission To RunEdit

Sam tries to console Maxine and get her to open up about Paula, but he is unsuccessful.

Check Out That CampsiteEdit

Sam hands you over to Maxine as you approach the school. She mentions the Major's concern for the childrens' mental health. Sam probes Maxine further about Paula and she finally opens up, telling Sam how they once had a row about whether or not to have kids together, but she quickly distracts him by pointing out a campsite in the village.

Blood On The Hopscotch CourtEdit

Archie is waiting for you at the campsite. You catch a glimpse of the dilapidated school and Sam fears the worst, but Archie spots two children playing in the field. Unfortunately some zombies have spotted them too.


Archie confirms that the children are alive, but zombies are on your tail and the kids are weighing you down.


You have the children, but they are proving a handful. Sam suggests circling back to the school for sanctuary, but it turns out you are now surrounded...


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