It's imperative you're not caught on this secret mission to get the word out about the Minister, however there are many obstacles in your way

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

The World Needs To Know Edit

Back above ground no-one can make sense of why anyone would release a zombie virus into the world. Janine believes if you can get your evidence to General Bakari he'll help spread word of the Minister's actions.

Make This Count Edit

Nadia's well-trained New Canton runners act as a distraction while you make a break for it. The Ministry's targeting them with a tank, so this mission had better count.

It Might Be... Triggering Edit

You're coming up to the forest where the zombie cult used to be and Sam's patriotism is showing. He's upset the Minister's claiming Abel's residents are traitors to their country, after having destroyed it herself.

Keep You Safe Edit

Nadia's hidden in the forest keeping an eye on the route ahead and as you start to lose the signal from Abel she takes over as operator. You're not completely alone though - Moonchild's back in your mind.

Keep On Fighting Edit

Moonchild's persuasion tactics no longer work on you, and Nadia directs you around some soldiers to a nearby windmill. She hopes that when this is over people will still have hope for humanity.

It Will Have Been Worth It Edit

You'll soon be out of comms range, but Nadia's with you for as long as she can be. She reassures you right up until the soldiers find her and the last sound through her mic is gunfire.

Get Out Of Here! Edit

Finally you've reached General Bakari's farmhouse base. He allows you in and believes Janine's recorded message about the Minister. Trouble is he agrees with what she did, and has orders to kill you!

Better Take That Radio Edit

The general's giving chase on a motorbike, but you use a handy tree branch and tactical expertise to knock him to the ground and trap him. Moonchild recognises his radio as an encrypted transmitter, which will be very useful.

I Know Where It Is Edit

Janine's certain the mission's failed as you return to Abel. But using the encrypted transmitter you can now overhear the Minister, and she's looking for standing stones. Sam has a flash of brilliance: the 'Six White Fingers' are standing stones, and he knows where they are!

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