Everyone in Abel is in mortal danger- and that isn't your biggest problem. A friend's going grey and a traitor's out for blood.



Get Out Of HereEdit

Van Ark comes back in, starts up the treadmill and tells you to prepare for the second round of treatments. Sara locks the door and asks Van Ark for confirmation that she was functionally immortal. Van Ark gives her it, and then tells her to put down the syringe she brought with her, saying that she can't hurt him and he shouldn't have trusted her. Sara agrees with that last part, injects him with a serum that knocks him out (for a few minutes) and might take away his healing abilities (after a few hours). Sara needs treatment to stop her from going grey, and you need to take the headset and run: Sara might be a reverse mole, but there's still one real traitor in Abel.

Hurry BackEdit

Sam and Janine are still processing the fact that Sara was a double agent- information they recieved from a recording the Major left for them after she planned her death. You've come back on Sam's scanners, and he's happy to report that your way home looks clear. He's less happy that Janine wants to perform tests on you, seeing as you were just tortured in the name of a medical experiment. Janine is adamant that you need to be tested for infection, determining once and for all whether you're a traitor or Runner 3 is.

If Three Won't Come In...Edit

You've lost a pack from the supermarket but picked up one from the park. Janine is trying to raise Simon (on a mission to Jamie's firehouse) and not having any luck. It could be malfunction, it could be that he was trying to poison everyone. Ed has been sent out to fetch him- if either of you refuse to return, then Abel has it's answer. You're headed in the right direction, so keep on it.

Now We Have Our AnswerEdit

Jamie is hailing anyone- there's a situation at his firehouse. When Simon heard Ed's motorbike, he panicked and shot him in the shoulder, grabbed Carena and ran with her to the northeast- the direction of the University Van Ark had set himself up in. Abel has found their traitor. Janine has trouble accepting this, while Sam- having never doubted you for a moment- is a little offended on your behalf. You should head for Evan's old weapon's cache and then intercept Simon and Carena.

Find Out For CertainEdit

You've got quite an arsenal there, including a modified tone device. Janine wants to bring back Simon for questioning- she's sure there's something more going on here. Sam isn't. Janine is shocked by this, as she thought the two of them were friends: while Sam hopes they've made a mistake, the fact that he's kidnapped a child makes him pretty sure they haven't. There's an incoming transmission from Sara- just keep running while Sam cleans it up a bit.

The Plasmapheresis Machine...Edit

Sara's just checking in- she's recieving her treatment, but because it's been so long, she's going to need to spend a few hours there. She left Van Ark handcuffed in the laboratory, where hopefully he won't be missed (as he was supposed to be experimenting on you for several hours) and he won't do something like cut off his own hand in order to get himself free. These hopes are left unrealized. He confronts Sara and Paula holding his own severed hand, and smashes the plasmapheresis machine.

Pied PiperEdit

Van Ark is pretty sure he could grow a new hand if he had to. Sara momentarily dispatches him (the injection has left him rather weak) and she and Paula head for New Canton and their plasmapheresis machine. You need to play pied piper and draw the zoms away from their path and into Simon's.

Zombie CordonEdit

You've picked up a lot of zoms and are doing well- but don't get fancy. You've cut off only one of his routes. Jamie wants to know what's going on with Carena. Sam thinks she'll be safe, as he knows he won't be attacked when he has a hostage. Jamie is skeptical of this plan: Sam diverts Sara and Paula to the firehouse in order to take the bike to New Canton.

I'll Be FineEdit

Simon's slipped the net by climbing a tree and dropping onto the other side of a fence- still carrying Carena, otherwise Sam would just have you let the zoms loose on him. Sam has you all- you, Sara, Jamie- transmitting to each other. Jamie is very upset, and fears that the reinforcements from New Canton will arrive too late to be of any help. Paula volunteers to stay and watch the kids while Sara goes ahead on the motorbike and Jamie goes after Carena. Sara thinks that's stupid. She tells Jamie to take the bike while she continues to New Canton on foot.


You're using the tone device to keep Simon boxed in. Simon drops Carena in an attempt to confuse the zombies. Jamie moves to intercept Simon, while you run to rescue Carena.

Ain't What Life's AboutEdit

Jamie reminiscences about Archie as Simon tries to shot him- as badly as he ever does. Simon swears that he'll kill Jamie before going back to Abel, as you close in on Carena. Janine asks Jamie to bring Simon in for questioning: Simon offers to bring Jamie with him to Van Ark in order to become immortal. Simon denies that he knew that Archie was going to be in danger, but tries to shot Jamie again. But he's out of ammo, and though it isn't what Archie would do, Jamie is in no mood to be forgiving. Sam implores you to keep running, and get Carena away as Jamie proceeds to beat Simon to death.

She's GoneEdit

Paula beckons you over to Sara, who didn't get more than a hundred yards before collapsing. Sara always thought you'd be there to see her out. She tells Paula that she'll have to shoot her- Paula says that she can make four quick cuts to the same effect. A good clean get- more than Sara expected, ever since she let that zom bite her. Sam tries to rally the troops to find an alternative but it's too late. Sara and Paula discuss the afterlife: Paula says that Sara's legacy will live on after her. Though Sara was raised a good Catholic girl, she doesn't know what to expect. But she's done what was right, and she thinks she might see her boys again. She's square- and you better send Van Ark right after her. With one final cough, she dies.

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