Veronica wants to kill two birds with one stone, combining a Ministry supply pickup with a scientific fact gathering mission

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

We'll Be Fast Edit

Twenty minutes to get to a Ministry supply drop point and complete one of Veronica's tests on the way? You'll be cutting it fine and the Ministry won't wait, so you'd better be quick!

Visual Contact Soon Edit

You find a pack of suitable zombies, and Veronica stresses the urgency of gathering data for rigorous testing; Paula's not getting any better. Sam and Veronica agree The Ministry is shady, but you can use them work towards a shared goal.

Just Like That Edit

Today's experiment involves... herding zombies? According to Veronica no matter the result she'll have learned something, so you get to work.

Get Out Of There! Edit

Seems like Veronica hasn't properly risk assessed this experiment. Coralling zombies is not as easy as she makes it sound, and you're forced to flee after losing control of the pack.

En Route To The Drop Site Edit

Sam gets in some dad practice, chiding Veronica for being reckless. The pressure's getting to Veronica and she rants about how she needs to keep proving her usefulness to The Ministry. Sam relents and okays another test.

Figure It Out As We Go Edit

You and Veronica come up on the drop site, zombies in tow, and this time you'll have help from The Ministry. You lead the pack to a painted bull's-eye and The Ministry 'helps' by dropping your supplies on top of them. Veronica and Sam reach a truce about safety and risk, and she plans her next test for the way back.

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