Will you help with a prison break? And can you trust the prisoners or the guards?



Happy To HelpEdit

Sam has been asked by Janine to pick his most trusted runner for a very important mission. Maxine maintains that you shouldn't have been picked, since you're still under suspicion of being a traitor. Sam objects, believing none of his runners capable of sabotaging the trans-variant spray, but Maxine recounts the evidence pointing to Runners 8, 10, 3 or you. Sam says that you're heading to a maximum security women's prison to aid with a break out, which would in other circumstances be a slightly trickier decision, but it turns out that the people in control are the bandits that attacked Harry's train and broke into Abel.

Intel On The TraitorEdit

Sam explains the real importance behind this mission; it turns out someone from Abel told the people running the prison about the doctor's spray, where to find it and when Abel would be half-empty. Apparently the prison guards overheard a deal being made and alerted you, promising to tell you the name of your traitor as long as you help them take over the jail. Runner 8 pops out of nowhere with a sackful of guns to use to bargain with the prisoners - Maxine and Sam are suspicious of her presence, but she claims that the Major asked her to join you.

Moving TargetEdit

The prison looks unwelcoming. Not surprising really, seeing as it's a prison. It should be difficult to penetrate, but you have help on the inside. Your contact is going to cause a disturbance, lead the guards away and open a gate for you; it's your job to distract the guards as Runner 8 sneaks inside.

Come On InEdit

Sam is relieved that you've evaded the guards. You receive a crackly transmission from the woman who led you to the prison; she confirms that Runner 8 is inside one of the wings distributing guns and has given her a spare headset to keep in contact. Maxine is taken aback; she knows the insider's voice, but there is no time for your contact to respond - Runner 8 is about to start a riot so it's time for you to sneak in.

Stop, Intruders!Edit

Maxine is stunned as she finally recognises the voice; it's her ex-girlfriend, Louise Bailey. Louise remains pragmatic through this revelation, directing you to the medical wing where you should find more substantial weapons. Sam gently asks her to keep her side of the bargain and reveal the identity of Abel's traitor, but to his horror she tells him that she doesn't know - it wasn't her that made the deal, and she only heard half of the conversation. She'd lied to ensure you'd help, but offers a compromise; if you help her take over the prison, she'll question the person who contacted Abel and find out who the traitor is.

Maybe A Bit Of Gratitude?Edit

Maxine tries to make conversation with Lou, but it doesn't go down very well. You meet back up with Runner 8 who warns you that your planned escape route is swarming with guards, but Louise knows a shortcut - you are blocked by a prison officer who Runner 8 immediately shoots. Lou is outraged; this was the guard that contacted Abel with the name of your traitor.

Make Yourselves ComfortableEdit

Sam is exasperated at Runner 8's shooting, but tries to carry on with his job regardless, despite not knowing which way to direct you. Lou is also lost, having never visited this wing of the prison before. Security gates begin to slam shut around you, meaning Lou's contacts have failed to override the mechanism. You hear a familiar voice over the PA system; the prison warden is the bandit leader.

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