Kytan fills you in on intel he's gathered from Ian, and you should have everything you need to lock Abel's labs

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

To The Forest Edit

Steve puts a brave face on things while Dr Lobatse treats him; he's more concerned that you got the key. Cameo and Kytan arrive asking for your help - if you hurry you can stop Owen's body being incinerated, and bury him in the forest of fallen runners instead.

Going To Miss You Edit

Cameo and Kytan say a few words over Owen's body. Kytan knows you know the dead never really leave us – you're kindred spirits. He's also been spying on Ian, and knows all the guard rotations.

Time's Running Out Edit

At Abel you swing by the medical centre with Cameo, but Ian's there making a fuss. Once Ian's gone Steve finally reveals to Dr Lobatse that he's actually a double agent. There's no time for relationship dramas, so Dr Lobatse writes a prescription for sedatives you can use to dose the guards.

Via The Nursery Gardens Edit

In the kitchen you give Cameo the drugs, and she slips them into the guards' food. Then you head off for the armoury separately.

Not Reporting In Edit

Guards successfully drugged, you use your palm print to open the door to the labs. You and Cameo need to get in and out before anyone notices.

Secure-sys Services Edit

Cameo's impressed by the security measures. With those activated you now have three minutes to leave.

Don't Want To Be Around Edit

You make it with just enough time to slide through the closing blast doors. Mission accomplished, it's back to the new normal for Cameo, and you have a chance to use your security clearance to get away.

Subdue This Escaping Prisoner Edit

Almost, but not quite there, you're stopped at the gates by Ian and Kytan, who is also a double agent. A report about the sleeping guards outside the armoury tips Ian off to what you've done, and he orders the guards to subdue you by any means necessary.

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