Repeatable missions on Zombies Run!

Season OneEdit

Decoy DutyEdit

Zombies are surrounding Abel - lure them away!

Medicine RunEdit

Dr Myers is running low on Medicine. Help restock the hospital!

Fuel RunEdit

Abel's Generators are thirsty - get out there and find some fuel!

Food Supply RunEdit

Abel's cupboards are getting pretty bare. Don't let Abel starve!

Tech Supply RunEdit

Janine's desperate for supplies to keep Abel from falling apart. Help her out!

Ammo RunEdit

Guns don't kill zombies. Bullets kill zombies. And Abel's running low.

Enertainment RunEdit

Time to make some friends by collecting entertainment supplies for Abel.

Zombies, Run! 2Edit

During development of Zombies, Run! 2 supply missions were removed to accelerate development. They are planned to be released as soon as they can [1]


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