An unwelcome guest disrupts your mission to gather more info about S-type zoms, but all is not lost

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

The Last Thing We Need Edit

You're sent by the Ministry to gather more information about zombie anomalies. You're accompanied by Janine, Veronica, and a Ministry operative - The Builder.

Can't Lose Them Edit

You wait around at a bus stop for a zombie anomaly sighting, and then two come along at once, on skateboards!

Let's Split Up Edit

Chasing the zoms leads to a playground, where everyone is amazed to find them playing catch. When the girl-zom leaves, you and The Builder follow.

After Her Edit

As you follow the zombie under a bridge Amelia appears, and throws a grenade at your quarry. Amelia escapes on a moped as you and The Builder give chase.

Shortcut Edit

Amelia heads inside an old Netrophil hideout where she reveals she's blowing up sentient zombies to increase the value of one she's captured. She jams your comms so you can't alert Veronica and Janine.

This Is Fascinating Edit

You and The Builder make it back to the playground in time to warn Veronica and Janine - but you can't save the second zombie.

Don't Want To Be Here Edit

Janine punches Amelia unconcious, which makes her feel better about the situation. Veronica's downbeat about the loss of the specimens, until The Builder suggests examining the zombies' posessions.

It's The Bag! Edit

Rain makes your search for the possessions more urgent. Meanwhile, Sam quizzes The Builder on his past, and relationship with Amelia.

Good Day's Work Edit

After finding the bag you discover a book of poems written by the teenage zombies. The poetry's terrible, but the book contains an address, and it's your best lead in weeks.

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