Zombie apocalypse? Worse things happen at sea

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Not Just A Ship Edit

You splash into the water with Louise and Paula in search of the Laetitia Greenwald. You apply your face masks to allow clear communication.

Save Your Breath Edit

Paula reminisces about the last time she went diving; it was with Van Ark while she was working at Pandora Haze.

Aquazoms Edit

You and Paula click your lights on in an attempt to see through the dark water, only to find a pair of decomposing underwater zoms.

So Clever Edit

Louise’s oxygen line gets severed by a zombie, so you and Paula must share your masks with her as you head to the surface.

Depth Charges Edit

Janine decides that you will have to use the depth charges you’ve brought with you. That’ll remove the hundreds of underwater zombies chasing you from below.

Towards The Boats Edit

You drop the charges, destroying the approaching zombies. Paula can see ships huddled together in the distance. Maxine must be on one of them.

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