Phil and Zoe join you for a very important, kitten-related outing

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Three Kittens At A Time Edit

Phil explains that a caller has requested that Radio Cabel finds a home for some kittens. Nadia has a note which may help find info about the missing residents.

The Odds Are Astronomical Edit

Zoe and Phil are struggling, since their post-apocalyptic lifestyles rarely require running. Nadia asks about the kittens to distract them from the zombie smell.

One Way To Find Out Edit

Phil spots a van approaching being driven by a man in a yellow jacket and wonders whether this has anything to do with Van Ark’s annotations.

Eccles Cake? Edit

Phil admires the blue flowers as Nadia spots someone running towards you; introductions are made, and Darren invites you all in for a cup of tea.

The Zoms Won't Attack Edit

It transpires that Darren never had any kittens, and is an avid fan Zoe. He reveals that zombies never attack the warehouses, and offers to show you how.

Just One Date Edit

Everyone is taken aback as you cross the hedge border and the previously salivating zombies immediately turn docile. He offers Zoe a map of the area in return for a date.

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