Another recovery missions from the Ministry. This time it's in an old public health research centre where things haven;t gone to plan - again

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Before It's Too Late Edit

The Ministry's requested you meet up with The Builder and Dr Lobatse at a public health research centre. The Builder provides you with hazmat suits for your protection against one of Veronica's experiments gone wrong.

Get The Door Open Edit

The lab's been locked down after a containment leak so Dr Lobatse pries open the doors. Unfortunately Veronica's researchers have been locked in with the virus, and there are several zoms ahead of you.

Go And Help Them Edit

You're tasked with leading the zombiefied researchers away while the more medically experienced break into the labs. Dr Lobatse accidentally knocks The Builder unconscious when confronted with more zoms.

An Absurd Plan Edit

The Builder's awake again now and helping Dr Lobatse hold the zombies behind a door. He decides to be a decoy while you and the doctor grab the research results.

Grab The Test Results Edit

The Builder flirts with Dr Lobatse. With the zombies successfully distracted by a bleeding Builder, you and the doctor grab the test results.

Not Asking Edit

In an effort to escape the zombies, The Builder's turned the power back on, which could be a big problem if the contaminant is still airborne - especially with his torn hazmat suit.

A Whole New Line of Enquiry Edit

You and Dr Lobatse reach the airlock, alone. Suddenly you hear a banging on the door; The Builder's managed to catch up to you! The zombies close in but he makes it to the airlock in time. The research you've recovered hints at a genetic component to the S-Type zoms.

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