Imprisoned at Abel, the Minister takes you on a tour to persuade you of all the 'good work' they're doing

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Set The Pace Edit

Chained in a punishment cell, Moonchild chastises you for not listening to her warnings about this plan. The Minister appears as good cop to Ian's bad, upset you've been held in the dark for two days. She takes you on a run to set the record straight.

A Familiar Face Edit

The Minister, Sigrid, is willing to give you a second chance. She believes you've been misled by Janine and thinks you'll be a valuable asset to the Ministry.

Quickly Please Edit

First stop on your tour of Ministry-run Abel is Veronica's labs. Veronica seems genuinely happy with the work she's doing, and believes that she's getting closer to a cure for the zombie virus.

Mind In A Whirl Edit

Next stop is an interrogation room, where Ian is trying to extract information from a Netrophil agent. From the sounds of it, few get to leave the interrogation room.

To A Brighter Future Edit

Sigrid values loyalty, so she understands why you wouldn't want to betray Janine. But she's got something that will change your mind about Janine forever, out at Brightwater Lake.

Run Back To Abel Edit

At the lake you meet up with Steve, who plays you a clip he's found of Janine ordering Sam not to help a group of Girl Guides trapped by zombies.

Welcome To The Wakened Land Edit

Steve escorts you back to Abel, and manages two minutes of radio interference so you can talk. The clip you just heard is faked. Steve feels responsible for getting you captured, and he'll try his best to get you out. For now though you'll have to play along.

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