A prisoner of the Minister, Veronica's unfortunate test subject and now trapped with Ian's special zoms... things don't look good

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Keep Going Edit

Moonchild is still in your ear. But how? The test has failed; you're dead... but not dead. You can hear the others talking; Sigrid and Veronica leave, but Sam doesn't want to leave you here.

Not This Edit

Ian is talking to a Netrophil prisoner, Nicki. He wants to make an example of her, and he's going to use you, in your newly zombified state, to do it.

Personal Well-Rotted Zombies Edit

Moonchild tries to make sense of the impulse to chase after the prisoner. Ian's unhappy with your progress so he releases more zombies into the area.

Zombies Don't Chase Zombies Edit

You're moving faster now, and Ian's happier. Janine's convinced you're gone but Sam's not so sure. It looks like that pack of well-rotted zoms is chasing after you as well as Nicki - and zoms don't chase zoms.

Find A Way Out Edit

The pack catches up with the prisoner and bites her. Sam's certain you haven't turned and you prove him right by helping Nicki up instead of eating her.

Little Miss Spreadsheets Edit

Sam frantically contacts Veronica, who knows you're not a zombie, and Nadia, who doesn't know you're not a zombie, to inform them Ian's messed up Veronica's plan. Her calculations didn't cover this scenario, so you'll need to keep running while she checks her spreadsheet.

Get The Message Out Of Abel Edit

In the testing grounds your fellow prisoner is starting to turn. She uses her last moments to tell you you'll need to grab a note hidden in Abel's prison block. It'll help you find Netrophil's leader, who'll help you defeat the Minister.

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