Cover finally blown, Veronica saves you from certain death - by turning you into a test subject

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Come This Way Edit

A prisoner again, you awaken after 16 hours unconscious. Veronica and Nadia are talking about saving your life, but they're also sorry... because they saved your life by making you one of Veronica's test subjects.

The Cattle Prod Edit

Sigrid's both angry and disappointed in you. To show how she feels about loyalty you'll be made an example of: testing Veronica's latest attempt at a zombie virus vaccine, in Abel's new testing grounds.

Just Keep Moving Edit

Nadia plies you with energy drink, while secretly handing you a headset, plus a hat to hide it. Headset on, there's a familiar voice in your ear. Sam has a way to get you out of this, if you just keep running.

Put On A Burst Of Speed Edit

A single fast zombie is let in with you, much to Ian's disappointment, so Veronica can conduct a controlled trial. Sam's got no confidence in Veronica's vaccine, so you'd better speed up.

Just Keep Running Edit

Sam tries to keep your hopes up as you head for a gap in the fence, but Sigrid's becoming impatient. She presses a button and various obstacles appear, blocking your way. You need a new plan, fast.

Come To Us Edit

Ian plays around with the buttons, until eventually the zombie's too close and bites you. With the zombie taken out, Veronica is satisfied with the validity of the trial. You can come out now... and use that opportunity to make a break for the fence!

Don't Let This Be Happening Edit

You're running as fast as you can through the trees, but Sam says you're slowing down. Veronica's in the distance but she sounds strange, and Moonchild is here. The vaccine has failed. Moonchild's dying, you're dying...

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