Never leave your drink unattended, it might get spiked

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Time For This Mission Edit

Sam tries to console you, knowing you were not in control of your actions when you blew up the Comansys ship, and reassures you that you’re forgiven.

Just Be Careful Edit

Bernard was an industrial chemist before the outbreak, so he is running with you and Veronica to ensure all traces of calming plant extract are destroyed.

Don't Waste The Moment Edit

You’re heading towards the old tequila distillery, where it turns out Moonchild was keeping her supplies. You must neutralise the extract chemically on site.

Find The Extract Edit

You knock out a guard, but before you can proceed, Veronica realises that she recognises her, so you drag the unconscious body to safety.

Efficient Setup Edit

You and Maxine neutralise the distillation vats. Bernard admires Moonchild’s setup, if not her aims, ruing not shooting her when she took you to her bunker.

Go After Her Edit

Maxine noted that six vats were missing from the last room; apart from those, you’ve neutralised every tank in the building.

Go Somewhere Already Edit

Veronica reveals that Moonchild visited treetop base and offered everyone ginseng tea; shortly after, all the scientists upped and walked out.

Only For Tonight Edit

Mrs Evans came to the treetop base to investigate something she learned at the Natural History Museum; Veronica reckons it’s time to pick up where she left off.

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