Months of planning have led to this, and Van Ark may finally face justice for everything he's done. No pressure, but it's all up to you.



Bane Of My LifeEdit

Sam is impressed with your zombie controlling skills, which you are using to break down Van Ark's base. Van Ark's men are fleeing as you help realize the Major's plans. Janine directs you (Sam makes the mistake of calling her 'Major') and both agree that you're doing a good job. Sara's death wasn't in the plan, but Paula is on her way to Abel (to Maxine's overflowing joy). Van Ark resets the tone- also not part of the plan. Van Ark himself shows up with a gun, and implores you to keep running- he has plans for you, that involve you both being far, far away from here.

High Five!Edit

Van Ark hopes you aren't getting tired- he wants you to be in good shape when he starts torturing you to death. Sam tells you that you'll be okay, and that you should keep him busy. Van Ark knew you were trouble when you were flown out specially from Mullin's Base, and that way your helicopter was shot down confirmed it. Yes Sam, you heard that correctly: Van Ark was not responsible for that attack. Janine implores you to get more information, Sam implores you to stay safe, Van Ark is looking forward to killing you painfully. Janine's kitchen timer goes off: the anti-immortality serum should have done its work. You test this by throwing hydrochloric acid at him- and it sticks. Sam and Janine high-five: Van Ark continues to threaten you, so run.

Damage That Plane!Edit

New Canton's reinforcements arrive via steamtrain, and are making quick work of the zombies- well the first wave of them, anyway. There's a second wave incoming, however, and Van Ark is hobbling towards a plane. Run- you need to damage the plane so he can't get away.

Up That HillEdit

There are more fast zoms to the left, and the tone device isn't working. They are also ten deep between you and the hanger. You head for the high ground- Janine sees something you can use there. Hurry!


The plane's on the runway, but don't worry- there's a rocket launcher available for poetic justice. Van Ark gets on the line and threatens you once again. You run to get into position, and then blow up his plane, killing him once and for all. Janine requests another high-five: Sam agrees on the condition that he hug her as well. Run home- Abel is waiting for you.

Duty's DoneEdit

Maxine asks for you, as Sam confirms that New Canton has his body. Paula and Maxine have an emotional reunion. Paula asks about the serum Maxine manufactured, but changes her mind- science tomorrow, kisses today. Sam requests that they get a room, and not his. You need to get home- there's a party/wake to be had at Abel.

Doctor's OrdersEdit

Sam is drunk, and very impressed with your dance moves. You do an amazing Running Man apparently- Sam prompts Janine to raise a toast. She says that she never would have considered you all her friends when this began- she had her orders, and that was all. Now, she has come to care about all of you, even Sam. She wishes that they had not lost so many. When Sam reminds her that there should be something to drink to, she raises a toast to the fall and freedom. Paula and Maxine come to you specifically to thank you for your efforts to reunite them. Half the room is doing the Running Man now, including Jack and Eugene- but there's no time to appreciate that. A tone rings out causing several people- Maxine, Ed, El Khwargo- to stand stock still, drop their glasses and walk out of the compound, breaking open the gates in the process. Despite Paula's desperate pleas and the efforts of the unaffected members of Abel, they all walk off into the night.

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