It's at times like these you find out who your real friends are...

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We Need To Get Out Of Here

Travis reveals that he and Janine have damning evidence against Jody. Owen knocks him out and you free Runner 4 from her shackles.

The Old Railway Line

As Owen frets, your comms cut in - Sam has “tripped” and “fallen” onto the control desk, and you overhear Amelia’s plan to catch Jody unfurl.

Get Through It Fast

Owen spots New Canton runners on the horizon who have been instructed to cordon you off. Runner 4 feels like she’s found out who her real friends are.

Take Your Chances

Sam says it’s not safe to come back to Abel - the Ministry has sent over a firing squad awaiting your return. Travis reappears and splatters you with blood.

The Darrow Deal

Jody spots a car wash where you can stop and get cleaned up. You follow the signs through a shopping centre, only to be ambushed again by Travis.

When You've Thought It Over

Travis explains that some people with whom Jody did business have now turned into the Exmoor Militia, and that she is still doing them favours.

A Spot Of Bother

Owen is subdued as you head into Dedlock territory and Runner 4 pleads with you both to believe her side of the story. As she does so, Runner 3 appears.

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