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Abel Is Under Attack!




Sam asks Janine about getting the cameras back online. Runners 3, 4, 6 and 7 sound off. Sam sends them out to run interference for you while you distract the New Canton runners - Lem's headset will make them think you're one of them.

It's Time...Edit

Runner 7 sends Runner 3 off with noisemakers to distract the zoms. Runner 4 heads north to be Sam's lookout. The Runners discuss their nerves about the day's action. Runners 6 and 7 accompany you as you head into New Canton territory. You overhear Nadia instructing her Runners to begin the attack.

Runner 38Edit

Runner 7 reports back to Sam that New Canton Runners are headed for Abel. Nadia reports on Runner 3's decoy run, before noticing the signal from Lem's headset. She calls out to him, asking him to change direction to confirm that he's alive. You follow her directions, giving her further reason to believe he's still alive.


Nadia asks why Lem isn't returning to New Canton and wonders what's happened to him. She then directs several of her Runners in your direction to recover Lem. Runner 6 warns you that the New Canton runners are getting too close.


Sam reports that your decoy tactics have worked, and have distracted the initial wave of attack. Runner 7 suggests heading down to Lindland Lake in order to further distract the New Canton Runners, but Nadia recalls her Runners before you can do so. As Sam celebrates, a transmission comes in from Runner 4. She reports a huge swarm of zoms - over 300 - heading directly for Abel. Her transmission cuts off abruptly with a scream.


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