There is nothing like returning to an unchanged place to find the ways in which you yourself have altered

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Almost At Abel Edit

You’re approaching Abel; Moonchild expresses her desire to support you, just like Sam, and remembers how her dad used to support her before he died.

Raise The Alarm Edit

Moonchild admits she has not told you everything about the ZRD, but Sam and Jody spot you before she has time to explain.

That Should Keep Them Busy Edit

Janine’s hesitant to believe the intruder is you; she thinks it’s her brother, Tom. You open the gates as a distraction as you head to Maxine’s lab.

A Runner, Not A Fighter Edit

You grab Maxine’s notes, which will set Abel research back by months, and Moonchild reminisces about her childhood.

Time's Running Short Edit

Runner 4 intercepts you; she notes your odd appearance and asks to take you to Maxine, but Moonchild acts fast - you punch Jody and keep heading for the ZRD.

Dying Would Be Too Easy Edit

Through Moonchild’s speech, you start hearing Runner 3’s voice, telling you that you deserve to die for what you’ve done.

No Need To Run Edit

You hear Archie. She informs you that you’re in your room in Abel Ward after another episode, and that there are no zombies - they were just in your mind.

Trivia Edit

The mission title is named after a song by Kasabian of the same name

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