Drive time on Radio Cabel

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

This Is Goodbye Edit

Sam replays a message from Radio Cabel; after recent events, they have decided that they are not going to return. They also have a vital USB.

To The Docks Edit

You hear the gang getting ready to meet a successful pre-apocalypse author. It sounds like they’re heading towards the docks, so you follow suit.

What's The Plan? Edit

You emerge from the woods and spot the Cabel van next to a super yacht that must belong to the author. They lower a bridge to cross a canal.

Catch Up Edit

Zoe asks the author to join her on her luxury yacht, but you need that USB, and there’s not much time left.

Cross-Talk Edit

You need to get close enough to the yacht to cross-talk into their equipment, alerting them to your presence.

Where Are The Keys? Edit

Fortunately, the miniature sculpture containing the vital USB stick is still in their van; unfortunately, Jack has locked the van.

Get That Hard Drive Edit

You heroically catch the keys thrown by Jack, but the success feels hollow as Radio Cabel sails into the sunset.

Stay Safe Out There Edit

As you run home, you hear Phil welcome you to Radio Cabel’s new adventure.

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