You owe the girl guides for saving your life, and this is where you start paying - in sweat.



Potential AlliesEdit

Janine is in your ear as you set out from the gates. She's interested to see what the Girl Guides can do for Abel, having heard tell of their impressive firepower. The coordinates that Jordan gave you lead towards an industrial park, but as Janine is briefing you, Sam bursts into his shack to demand what she thinks she's doing.


You meet the Girl Guides and it's clear they mean business; they don't like asking for help, but they don't seem to have much choice in the matter. Sam and Janine are exasperated to find that you seem to be running a simple recon mission, but Charlotte corrects them; she's afraid that her company may not make it back from this excursion alive.

Until The Supplies Run Low...Edit

Jordan explains that you're on a mission to find Cassidy; Posey's half-sister. The Girl Guides tracked down her flat and found a note pointing them towards the compound to which you are heading, but intel on the retreat is scarce. There's little time for speculation, though, as a horde of zoms looms on the horizon.

It's All Going To Be FineEdit

Sam is concerned for your safety as the zoms start to gain on you. Janine is adamant that you abort the mission, but Jordan flies off the handle; the Girl Guides have rescued you twice, so it's only fair you repay the favour. Charlotte responds more diplomatically, reminding Janine of Abel's promise to deliver Runner 10's message to his daughter Veronica.

The Patrollers Are Here For YouEdit

The zombies are closing in, so Sam directs you up some stairs so you can gain some distance. Posey muses about Cassidy becoming an honorary Guide as you run, but the other girls are hesitant to indulge her fantasy, since their other attempts at finding family members have been less than successful.

Get The ForksEdit

Sam is proud of his stair plan, which has bought you some more time. The compound is in sight, but Janine warns you that there are five people approaching your location from behind. You and the Girl Guides hide in a row of hedges as the sound of a struggle grows clearer. You look on in horror as you see Posey's sister Cassidy being carried off by a crowd of people talking about forks and a fire...

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