A thousand thousand slimy things lived on, and so did I

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Godspeed Edit

You reach the flotilla with Paula and Louise. Sam is unable to see you clearly, but Janine is fully prepared.

Heading For Cover Edit

As you and Paula reach the deck of the first ship, you hear screaming from somewhere nearby. Meanwhile, Louise has disposed of the people guarding the speedboats.

No Time To Investigate Edit

Paula is curious about a strange sealed cabin linked to a large power generator, next to which you’re both standing.

Torture Boat Edit

Sam and Janine guide you to safety after almost being discovered by a guard. The screaming begins again and you can hear people being experimented on.

Clear To Move Edit

You reach the hiding place on the next ship and hear more screams; whatever it is looks like a zombie, but is making human wails. It flings itself into the ocean.

Unauthorised Edit

Finally you make it to the cryo-freezers. The freezer which should contain Ed is empty, but Maxine’s is not. An alarm rings; it’s time to run.

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