Scouting Mission
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Naomi Alderman

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Story Mission

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Virtuous Circle


Information Exchange

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Scouting Out Near Abel




Sam calls Runners 4, 5 and 8 to get ready for a scouting mission. Runner 4 asks about where the Major has gone, and Sam replies that she's at a meeting of senior military personnel to create a long-term strategy. Runners 4 and 8 bicker about how much Runner 8 really knows.

No More EyesEdit

Runner 8 explains to Runner 4 that the mission for today is to visit areas which haven't been checked in a while. She then talks about how three runners can be more effective in distant areas, and mentions that there was a time when the population of Abel was considering moving to a new location. Sam and Runner 8 disagree about whether or not a move might still be a possibility.


Runner 8 checks in with Sam to fill him in on the situation. Runners 4 and 8 discuss their least favourite types of zombies, which prompts Sam and Janine to bicker about him eating during a mission. Runner 4 hears some "musical sounds", before Runner 8 picks up some gunshots to the north.

A MysteryEdit

Runner 8 catches sight of a pile of corpses, around 40 zoms with a single shot to the centre of the forehead. Runner 4 notices that the site is strewn with loaded guns. Runner 8 and Janine recall a similar scene at Jamison Hester stadium. Janine asks the three of you to scout the area for clues.

Swift ExitEdit

Runner 4 returns from the top a nearby hill with a warning: there's a large mob of zombies approaching. It's time to grab what you can and leave, quickly.


Sam warns that you're still being pursued by zoms. Runner 4 is shocked to realise that it's the same horde as before, despite the fact that you should have outrun them by a good distance already. She is in some distress as she wonders how they could possibly have caught up to you.


Sam calls for the gates to be raised, and sends out Runners 13 and 14 with rifles to cover your return to Abel. Runner 8 confirms the presence of running zombies. Under covering fire, all Runners return safely to Abel.


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