Tom devises a plan to send the Minister on a wild goose chase

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Not Irritating At All Edit

Maxine's sick, and with that bounty on your heads you can't risk baby Sara getting sick too, so Paula's taking her to the seaside for a few days. Some beached Comansys boats look like a good place to stay.

A Nice Looking Yacht Edit

Being on a Comansys ship again - complete with research lab and mini-subs for aquatic zombie culling - brings back some bad memories for you, Maxine and Paula.

Get Off That Ship! Edit

A yacht Peter finds looks like a great place to sleep, but Tom's suspicious. He's right to be, as you set off an alarm that alerts some below deck zoms and broadcasts your location off... somewhere.

Don't Have Much Time Edit

Maxine gives Paula a lesson on shooting as you run from the zombies, but Tom beats her to it, literally. A message from Steve alerts you to troops headed your way. You should run, but Tom has a plan to get the Minister off your backs for a while.

Our Lives Depend On It Edit

Janine arrives in the comms room to discover what her brother's doing. She's not pleased until he mentions a plan from an old mission they were on. It's risky, but might just work!

It's Time. Run! Edit

The Ministry jeeps are close, but you need to make sure Paula's seen to pull this off. Once they're in visual range you make a dash for the yacht.

You Won't Believe What Happens Edit

Safely on the yacht Paula prepares to make her escape in a mini-sub, while Tom's auto-pilot sends the empty boat along the coast, towards the Exmoor Militia.

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