Only you can prevent global, eternal happiness

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

10 Minutes Till The World Ends Edit

Even if Moonchild dies today, if she manages to send the signal, the first person to crack her control tone code will be able to take over where she left off.

Run For Your Life Edit

Moonchild applies a neural net in order to use her brain to programme the ZRD. This will kill her - and you, if you have to send a countermand signal.

Get After Moonchild Edit

Moonchild’s dad’s voice echoes out; she loses her concentration, and you take her down. Simon volunteers his brain to break Moonchild’s mind control.

That Zipline's Waiting Edit

Moonchild slips and falls; she instructs you to tell Veronica to cross reference her seeds at the museum before falling to her death.

This Is Going To Sting Edit

An emotional Janine says farewell to Simon, who is connected to the ZRD system. He lets out a scream of excruciating agony as the signal is transmitted.

The Threat Of Being Happy Forever Is Gone Edit

You dodge falling masonry as aftershocks from the tower shake the city. Paula, Janine and Sam receive reports confirming that the signal seems to have worked.

A Cure For The Zombie Plague Edit

Janine proposes a toast to all Runners. As they drink, a message comes through from Veronica - there may be a cure for the zombie plague.

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