When a huge ship runs aground on the coast, it's up to you to lead a rescue mission. You'll be racing against both the tide and the undead to reach the survivors in time.




You are cutting wood with Runners 3 and 4 when Sam interrupts with news of a disturbing mayday transmission from the coast; the captain of a marooned ship summons you by name.

Use The RopesEdit

You arrive at the beach and are greeted by the shipwreck. Janine and Runner 3 suspects foul play, but they agree to proceed with caution.

Contact With The EnemyEdit

You check the perimeter of the seemingly-abandoned ship's deck. Runner 4 is suspicious of the militaristic atmosphere on board, and Janine reminds you to keep your guard up as she navigates you to the stairway.

Think Of The ChildrenEdit

The zombie hoard is after you and you have been cut off from the rope ladder. Runner 4 doubts Van Ark's involvement, and Sam notes the comical appearance of some of the holiday-making undead. Janine cuts him off as you receive another desperate transmission from the remaining Aurora survivors, who can now see you.

Nice To See YouEdit

You are surrounded and have reached a dead end. Sam spots some lifeboats, however these are useless since the ship is beached and the release lever is now engulfed by a swarm of zombies. Runners 3 and 4 fear the worst, but you are saved in the nick of time by a familiar face.


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