You're on the right tracks, it's full steam ahead... and yet somehow you still have to run.



Nice Head Of SteamEdit

The runners are keeping the track ahead clear for Harry's steam train. Runner 3 is a little put out to be running alongside the train rather than on it, but there is no time to relax as Sam spots a broken bridge up ahead and zombies on your tail.

Zombie Jam?Edit

Runner 8 shouts to Harry to slow down, but it seems to be a little out of his skill range. You manage to change the points and divert the train in the nick of time, but no rest for the wicked - a massive horde of zombies has appeared on the track ahead. Runner 8 is untroubled, assuming that the train will just mow them over, but Sam fears derailment, so Runner 3 creates a flamboyant decoy.

The Broken BridgeEdit

Runner 8 decides it's time to split up, but as always, Sam's got your back. Runners 3 and 4 are to lure some zombies into an abandoned warehouse to lock them up, whilst you and Runner 8 head for the broken bridge.


You and Runner 8 venture out onto the broken bridge with a crowd of zoms hot on your heels. Sam is concerned; he much prefers the idea of you climbing down the crossbeams than testing your skills at parkour, but Runner 8 brushes him off, assuring him that you like to live dangerously.


You and Runner 8 are safe on the other side of the broken bridge and watch the zoms plummet into the valley behind you. Sam reassures you that the track ahead is looking clear and casually mentions that Harry was concerned about some interest being shown in his steam train over Rofflenet. Runner 8 becomes suspicious, wondering whether the collapsed bridge may have been the result of foul play.

High NoonEdit

Runner 8 hears the distant sound of hooves, but Sam can't see anything on his scanners. He checks his maps, only to realise that no one's plotted what's been going on in this the area since the outbreak. Luckily he has notes from New Canton that show another bridge in the distance, but since no one they've sent there has ever returned, he's a little short of more specific information.

Bandit CountryEdit

You finally catch up with Harry on board his train, but Sam and Runner 8 have spotted a line of people on horseback on the horizon. Runner 8 urges Harry to take cover as a shot rings out and penetrates his prized driver's hat. Sam orders you to jump onto the back of the train and stay out of sight.

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