It seems like this baby is important to more than just her parents, as you sacrifice everything to get her back

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Women Do This Every Day Edit

You and Janine chase after Tom, and you'll soon have The Builder as backup. Meanwhile Jody's organised teams to help Maxine, Paula and Sam.

We Can Trap Them Edit

You're almost on Tom when the baby cries. He realises she's alive and simply puts her down. Janine continues after her brother, leaving The Builder to take the baby, and you to distract the zoms.

Just Too Strong Edit

Owen comes to Sam's rescue as you finish trapping zombies in a farmhouse. Unfortunately it's The Builder who needs rescuing as a super strong zombie takes the baby from him.

Is It... Talking? Edit

Sam and Owen join you to chase down the zombie - on the positive side it's not eating the baby. As you get closer to the zom you can hear it talking, and see a Mullins base uniform.

Lock Him Up Tight Edit

Jody keeps everyone updated on the situation, and has a plan to block off the sentient zombie's escape. As Janine's about to carry out the death penalty for Tom he snaps back into reality - he has information about the Edda of the Wakened Warriors.

Greenshoot Edit

The sentient zombie's cornered in a courtyard, but has a key for a building full of zoms. You race after it but door's too heavy to hold and Sam slips inside before it closes. He gets a good look at the zombie, and it has your face.

Five. Please. Just Run. Edit

Backup's on its way, but Sam can't see a way out, not for him at least. The baby can fit through the bars at the window though. He persaudes your zombie doppelganger to hand over his daughter and passes her to you. You're out of time as zoms break into the room, and Sam tells you to run.

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