Event the best plaid plans can go awry. Unfortunately the plan to retake Abel is no different

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Head West. Go. Edit

Steve, aka The Builder, has knocked out Abel's comms for a while, allowing you to talk over radio. The Minister's changed Abel's swanky locks though, so out come the bolt cutters.

All On You Edit

The plan already needs to be changed as Steve informs you security cameras have been installed that morning. Janine absolutely cannot be seen or his cover's blown, as the Minister believes she's dead.

Taking Back Abel Tonight Edit

Steve takes Janine's place and you proceed with the plan. First to be freed from the new prison is Jody, who fills you in on Ian Golightly's new role as a Ministry lackey.

Doing This Now Edit

On the way to Abel's new punishment cells, Jody provides more information about what's been going on; the Minister's trying to get into the labs under Abel. At the punishment cells you bust Cameo out.

Take The Place Back Edit

Cameo leads the way to Owen, who's been helping Veronica in the labs. No-one's sure whose side Veronica's on so you have to sneak in to get Owen and without being noticed. Nadia provides a suitable distraction.

Get To The Armoury Edit

There are enough people to take the armoury now, but unfortunately the planned route has an improvised alarm system in the form of 'newly loyal' prisoners shouting about intruders.

To The Dormitories Edit

Inside the armoury you share out the weapons and make sure it looks like Steve tried to stop you. Outside the armoury things don't go so smoothly - none of the weapons will fire!

The Biggest Hero There Is Edit

Retreating to the dorms you find Paula and baby Sara, and Janine improvises a new plan; you won’t take back Abel, but you will rescue Paula and Sara.

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