With a house this size, your guards will need inventive ways to get from A to B

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Buckingham Palace Edit

You’re off to Buckingham Palace to visit HRH Jamie Skeete, who has some valuable information for you.

That's Hunger Edit

As you open the gates, you’re met by the Queen’s Guard, who have all gone grey. Luckily your bacon is saved by an all-female roller-derby team.

Queen's Garden Party Problem Edit

Introductions are cut short as you’re summoned to help take out a tea party's worth of grey guests that have just been unleashed from the wine cellar.

Stay Low Edit

Roller derby tactics seem to work pretty well against the undead.

They're Pouring In Edit

You meet Jamie in the throne room and escape to safety as the roller girls cover your back.

Ice Cream Cone Tower Edit

Maxine helps with the battle tactics and you take the opportunity she creates to close the gates so Jamie can show you some regal hospitality.

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