Betrayed by a friend and handed over to your greatest enemy, it seems you've finally run out of luck.



A New Test SubjectEdit

Van Ark enters, lamenting at how easily Abel had fallen apart, though he's delighted by your presence as a test subject. He orders you onto the treadmill at gunpoint, and tells you to run if you want to live.

Phase OneEdit

Van Ark is impressed with your stamina, and then with Sara Smith's Sara Smithness- even though he didn't trust her because of that until she shot the Major. They discuss the events leading up to this event: it is revealed that Sara had been a spy ever since Abel's destruction, that Van Ark was responsible for the destruction of Skoobs. Van Ark had destroyed twenty settlements in his search for the underground lab that would be the key to his longevity treatments working without booster shots. His first clue that Abel was the correct location was your helicopter. He notes that your heart is beating at the correct rate, and that you'll need to keep it there for a long time: he intends to test a new treatment on you. He injects you with phase one, which might hurt- and by hurt he means 'feel like your blood is on fire'. If you value your fingers and toes, though, you'll need to keep running.

A CuriosityEdit

You've survived the first phase- contrary to many of his other test subjects. Sara tries to question him about the treatment he's giving you, and the tone control of zombies. Van Ark deflects at first, and then admits that he doesn't know how or why the fast zombies are controllable. The control boxes are not of his design- he merely found one and figured it out, much as Archie had. He was involved with the 'experiments' that had been taking place on the Aurora. You have to speed up- it's almost time for another dose.

Better Off Without ThemEdit

You're tolerating the formula incredibly well- maybe a little too well. Sara tries to beg off to get her treatments from Paula, but Van Ark tells her to stay, so she doesn't miss what happens to you. If whatever he's doing to you works, then he'll be ready to use Abel's anti-zombies spray delivery system to deliver his priming agent for immortality. Those you recieve the booster shots will become immortal- though it will kill a great many people, and most of the zombies. He finds them unsightly, like a lot of humans- he believes the world will be better off without the lot of them, though he does hope someone with cooking skills survives.

Potassium CyanideEdit

You trip, because as Van Ark warned you dizziness is a side effect of the treatments. Or not. He's a thoughtful guy like that. Not that it matters, as you're cuffed to the treadmill and have no idea what he's injected into you. He expresses frustration at your quietness- he'd thought of trying to turn you, but nothing seems to make an impact, apart from a hypodermic syringe. Conversation turns to how Sara turned against Abel- he was surprised, even though they'd discussed it, that she went through with killing the Major. It was the sort of thing he expected his other agent to do: the one who switched the canisters, and has been given orders to poison Abel's water supply. You don't have much time to absorb this information however, as it's time for another injection.

Pearly GatesEdit

Your vital signs are stabilizing- Van Ark is hopeful that you might survive, thus proving him right. Sara, meanwhile is looking forwards to Abel's downfall. She hopes some of them survive, so she can see their faces- especially Sam Yao's. Or, as Van Ark suggests, she can get her own back on his corpse. The only thing left is to see if your life signs continue to stabilizing. If you survive the next half hour then the treatment will have worked- if not, then you'll be setting up the welcoming committee for Sam at the pearly gates.

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