When monsters turn out to be friends, who else is there to be afraid of?

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Too Much Like Hard Work Edit

Simon leads you away from Moonchild’s mind controlled minions towards where Amelia is waiting outside with a getaway van.

After You Edit

Amelia is resigned to the fact she is still doing Abel’s dirty work; Simon explains that everyone in the township is still caught up in zombie invasion you caused.

So Much For Giving Them The Slip Edit

Amelia says she’s driving you back to to Abel once you reach the van, but gunshot ring out from behind you.

Shooting Blind Edit

Simon and Amelia urge you to block out the voices of your pursuers. He talks about the trials and tribulations of having to grow a new hand and face.

What Goes Up... Edit

You sprint to the exit only to be greeted by a horde of zoms. Simon suggests heading upwards - to the air vents!

In On The Secret Edit

Simon’s in pain in the air vent as his new hand moults, and is bitter at the thought of Abel giving you a second chance.

Time To Go Home Edit

Simon reckons Abel will forgive you, and tells you that Ed made it off the Comansys ship alive. He asks you to send a message to Janine, but then falters.

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