Teenage life doesn't get any easier after the apocalypse

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Head For The City Edit

Some of Abel’s teens have become restless cooped up in the township all day; a couple have legged it, so you need to track them down before Janine realises.

What Parents? Edit

As you’re nearing a shopping centre full of zombies, the teenagers chime in on comms to introduce themselves.

Show Them A Safe Route Edit

Just as you track down Polly and Zach, Sam accidentally offends them by calling them kids and they cut him off.

Young People Edit

Jack and Sam try and fail to cover up the situation. Janine demands you get back to Abel, but Sam insists that you stick with Polly and Zach.

Not A Great Choice Of Words Edit

Janine berates Sam, much to Polly’s amusement, before tactlessly trying to take control of the operation.

Any Port In A Storm Edit

Polly and Zach are having a whale of a time, oblivious to the danger they are in. Your only escape route is through a car park heaving with the undead.

I Was A Hopeless Case Edit

Sam bonds with Polly and she manages to come to terms with and overcome her guilt about what happened with her parents.

Just As Clueless Edit

Sam instructs you to head back to Abel as fast as you can (and to save him some Harry Hippo sweets).

Easter Egg Edit

Planet O'Mega appears to be a thinly-veiled reference to the cult entertainment store Forbidden Planet (as referenced in the name of the mission)

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