Rescuing your new boss presents the perfect opportunity to test out Tony’s toy.

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Cast Edit

Sam Yao

Paula Cohen


Amelia Spens

Plot Edit

Do Hurry Edit

You run towards the smoking treetop in which Amelia is stranded, but dangling in a helicopter on fire does not seem to be particularly phasing her. Tony describes his device to Amelia as you hurry to her rescue.

Treat ‘er Gentle Edit

Tony repels the zoms to clear Amelia’s path down from the tree. The runners make their introductions before Amelia snatches the device from Tony, causing it to malfunction. Time to run.

Best Foot Forward Edit

Paula attempts to resolve the bickering as you flee the scene. Amelia suggests a distraction - the flares back at the helicopter should do the trick! Shame that they’re, y’know, back at the helicopter, surrounded by a zombie horde. You and Tony head back for the flares while Paula and Amelia create a decoy.

Look At That Chopper Blow! Edit

Tony grabs the flares and you flee the scene. Amelia and Paula are heading back towards you but have a pack of zoms on their tail - Tony is about to set off the flares as a distraction, but before he can do anything the helicopter in the tree becomes loose and bursts into flames on impact.

Past The Worst Of Them Edit

Time is of the essence as you rush back to Abel with the zoms in hot pursuit.

We’ve Got Work To Do Edit

You make it back just in time, but no rest for the wicked - Amelia immediately takes command, demanding reports of your discovery of the Comansys base and a debrief of what happened to Tony in London. This does not sit well with the runners, but Amelia is uncompromising. Before submitting to Abel’s new bureaucratic regime, Tony fills Paula in about Maxine; she has been transferred to Comansys safehouse.

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