Runner 5 and Archie are surrounded as they attempt to save the children from the swarm of zombies by the school.



Follow That Fireman!Edit

Sam is frantic as you, Archie and the children are surrounded by zombies. However Jamie speeds to the rescue in a fire engine, much to the kids' delight, hosing down the zombies to create an escape route. He snatches the children and heads back to the truck, but Sam orders you to follow him.

No Girlfriend, No BoyfriendEdit

Jamie slows down to talk to you and Archie. He reveals that he was in the fire station with the children when the outbreak occurred. Archie is keen to establish his marital status, much to Sam's dismay.

Flirting is fun!Edit

Archie reassures Sam that you are both OK while simultaneously flirting with Jamie. Jamie reveals he has begrudgingly taken care of the children since the outbreak, who were visiting the fire station on a school trip when it all happened.

Super-Tasty DecoysEdit

You re-enter Sam's camera range. Archie tells Jamie that Sam wants the children brought to Abel or New Canton for safety, but Jamie refuses. Archie offers Jamie a radio so he can get in contact either for business or pleasure. Together you create a decoy for the zombies to follow so Jamie can escape safely with the children.

A 'Like' LetterEdit

Sam informs you that you are nearly clear of the zombies and that Jamie and the children are safe at the fire station. He also mentions that Jamie has already left Archie a message, which she is coyly pleased to learn.


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