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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Meeting In Hall 37 Edit

Nadia’s still on report for trying to kill you, so you’ve got to go get a form signed by the special advisory council so she can be cleared to run with you.

Supply Management Sub-Committee Edit

A friend of Nadia’s warns you that the council you’re seeking would never approve your request; she redirects you do another committee.

They're Very Friendly, Really Edit

You hear several honourable members bray as you step into the meeting room. The chairwoman finally greets you and agrees to sign your form after a vote.

Writing Paper Outrage Edit

The chairwoman reluctantly informs you that the committee is unable to support your requisition form, but suggests another group that just might be able to.

Best Of Luck! Edit

You run along New Canton’s battlements with the chairwoman who directs you towards the Rec Hall.

There Weren't Any Kittens Edit

Phil is keen to help you after your help with the kitten run though, so sends you off in the right direction.

Thanks, Bernard Edit

A grumpy man called Bernard signs the form after Phil promises to plug him as a PAC candidate on Radio Cabel. Time to find Nadia and give her the good news.

Road Trip! Edit

Nadia begins to commiserate with you before Phil informs her that your mission was a success. You’re going on a road trip!

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